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smoking it up


9/8/05 06:15 pm - thx4theether

yo. I miss you guys. I miss latin. We should congregate soon.


4/11/05 09:15 pm - esradeniz

by Jove, I think I've got it!


Dawn arose and left the ocean. Men surged forth from the gates- Massylian horsemen with wide & meshed nets, broad spears, snares and hunting dogs (possesing a keen sense of smell). Whilst Punic princes waited at the door, the Queen stalled in her suite, her horse gleaming in purple and gold, gnawing at his foamy bit. She, dressed in ornatly embroidered Sidonian robes, appeared, surrounded by her entourage. Her quiver was golden, her hair knotted with gold, her purple dress adorned with a golden broach. Iulus and her Trojan comrades accompanied her; Aeneas (the handsomest) moved forward to escort her. As Apollo had abandoned the Lycian winter and Xanthian streams to visit the Delos of his mother, renewing the dancing, the Cretan, Dryope and painted Agathyrsians rejoicing at his altar, striding over Cynthus, hair dressed with soft gold and leaves, his shoulders bearing rattling weaponery, thus Aeneas walked, as softly, his beauty shining as that of a God from his most noble face. Reaching the mountain heights and pathless groves, they saw wild goats upon stony peaks, running down slopes; elsewhere deer sped over the meadows, raising dust and massing to a large, fleeing herd.Young Ascanius, delighted with his spirited horse, passed this and that rider, wishing for a wild board or mountain lion to appear amoungst these tame creatures.

yes, very free in translation and completely unedited.

4/10/05 11:14 pm - palinurus

Sorry it sucks.


To her thus proceeded Venus in reply (for she perceived that Juno spoke with a deceitful mind that she might transfer the kingdom of Italy to the Lybian coasts): “Who, mad, can refuse such terms or choose to contend with thee in war? If only fortune may follow the deed which you mention. But I am inclined to be doubtful of the fates whether Jupiter might be willing that the same city should be to Tyrians and to those who are come from Troy, or whether he approves that the people be mingled together, or alliances be joined. You are his wife; it is right for you to work upon his mind with entreaties. Go on, I will follow.” Then royal Juno answered thus: “That work shall be mine. Now, pay attention – I will instruct you in scant words in what manner that which urges us might be done. Aeneas and the most unhappy Dido are preparing to go hunting together in a grove when tomorrow’s Titan has brought forth the first dawn and enlightened the world with his rays. While the hunters scurry, and girdle the forests round with a circle of nets, I shall pour upon them from above a blackening storm, intermingled with hail, and I shall shake all of heaven with thunder. Their attendants will flee, and he be covered with dark night: Dido and the Trojan leader shall come to the same cavern. I will be present and, if your consent is sure to me, I will unite them in firm wedlock and consecrate her as his own. This will be marriage.” Venus, not opposed to her request, gave assent and smiled at the fraud discovered.

4/8/05 10:39 pm - greeneyedfog

i spent 2.5 hours sitting in OLV.
god i am such a good friend.
lucky they gave me cream puffs at the after party.
relevant: the dude mistranslated something, he said it meant like 'peace be with you' when there was no word for peace or a word w/ the 2nd person form . . . eh.
catholics. so scary, no windows, so large, SO MANY PPL, EvErYoNe is catholic, everyone getting confirmed i knew from school.
ok i'm done.

4/7/05 10:10 pm - esradeniz - off topic!

PSA to All Opressed Minorities:
When you insurrect & start a Major World Religion, do try and keep the Holy Text from becoming unecessarily redundant and painfully detailed. The adoption of surnames would be a v. handy practice, as well.


4/6/05 09:12 pm - greeneyedfog - Aeneas


the lovely dido herself holds a cup with her right have and pours the libation of with midway between the horns of a white cow, and before the images of the gods she walked solemly to their altars, the altars rich and fat with offerings, she refreshed her gift to the gods throughout the day.
when the breasts of the animal (sheep, i think) lay open she considered the entrails. Alas! soothsayers to not know all, what good can shrines and prayers do [for a woman in love]? Meanwhile the flame destroyed the very marrow of her insides, but she bore her wounded heart silently. Unhappiness consumed Dido and she wandered the city with her fury, she is as a deer shot with an arrow, caught unawares by a shepard chancing a shot from a great distanse,(forrests of Crete fit here somehow) he lets his steel fly, and unbeknowest to the shepard the deer wanders the glades by the mountain Dicte, the deadly arrow stuck in her side.
Now she took Aeneas through the center of the city to show off the walls of Carthage and also that the city was all ready for him. She began to speak of her love, but faltered and halted her speech. Now, as the day began to slide into night Dido hung upon hearing the narrative of the Trojans a second time from his mouth. After the tale the moon in turn faded in favor of stars and advised men to sleep. In her misery she flung herself on the couch where he had reclined. THough she was alone in her palace she heard and saw him still, another time she had held Ascanius in her lap, his father such a likeness to him [he would] help her cheat this love that must not be uttered.
no longer did the towers she had started rise, no longer did the young men seize arms and continue building ramparts and harbors for safety in war; labor on the large walls halted, and the machine (crane . .. anachronism much?) hung still, reaching the sky.
Dear wife of jupiter made sure Dido was held fast by passionate fury and the daughter of saturn spaketh thus: "Indeed this is a praisable accomplishment and ample plunder you and your boy [cupid] have (a great and glorious name) a woman who was the victim of 2 gods trickery, that power is great and worthy of fame. I know you see the high walls of Carthage, my home, and with fear, what will be the manner of the end of this contest between us? Why not drive a marriage between these forces and live in eternal peace? Let us all (Venus and Juno) rule over the Trojans and those of carthage with equal authority. Let Dido be the slave to a phrygian husband and entrust her Tyrian people to be her dowry."
[someone] realized that the queen of the destined kingdom of Italy had averted her true motives, so she began her reply to Venus thus: "who is crazy enough to refuse such terms and wish rather to war with you? May fortune favor the deed of uniting these elements. But the decrees of fate make me uncertain as to Jupiter wanting one city for the tyrians and those who set out from troy, or if he apporves of this mingling of cultures, and alliances between them..


ug i just typed it- sorry no line numbers, figure it out yourself :)

3/20/05 08:29 pm - palinurus

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